Bike standing up right on its kickstand on a beautiful country bike path

11 Best Kickstands for Keeping Your Bike Upright

Kickstands are ideal for loading and unloading your bike, for when you want to stop and capture a photo or video, and for when you need your bike stable enough for small repairs on the fly.

Hybrid bike tire

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure Explained

In most cases, hybrid bike tires should be inflated within the typical range of 50–70 PSI, especially if they’re 700c tires. We’ll help you figure it out.

Man raising bike handlebars

How To Raise Bike Handlebars

The procedure to raise bike handlebars is different depending on if you have a threaded or threadless stem. Here are instructions for both types.

One of the best bike trailers for groceries

Best Bike Trailer for Groceries

Tired of carrying your own groceries on a bike? These are the BEST bike trailers for groceries out there right now.

Cyclist riding on mountain who could benefit from the best bar ends for mountain bikes

BEST Bar Ends for Mountain Bikes

These are the best bar ends for mountain bikes that’ll give you extra comfort and make going uphill a lot easier.

bike mechanic fixing a broken spoke

Can You Ride a Bike With a Broken Spoke?

It’s safe to continue riding a bike with one or two broken spokes, but you should fix the problem as soon as you can with some rim tape, and get loose spokes looked at as soon as possible.

Presta valve poking out of a bicycle wheel rim

Can a Presta Tube Go On Your Schrader Rim?

Supply chains are unpredictable these days, and that can make bike tubes scarce. You may be wondering whether installing a Presta tube onto a Schrader rim will do the trick.

A cyclist hunches his head down and strains to pedal

Why Is Your Bike So Hard To Pedal?

If your bike is unusually hard to pedal, you need to give it a good inspection. Check the wheels and all components of the drivetrain for signs of damage, wear and tear.