4 Best Flat Pedals for Road Bikes out There Right Now

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Don’t want to lock in your pedals? No worries. Flat road bike pedals are a great choice for ultimate freedom of movement. Here’s our list of top-rated road bike flat pedals and how to choose the best option for your needs.

Top 4 Road Bike Flat Pedals at a Glance

Why Choose Road Bike Flat Pedals?

Flat pedals don’t lock your foot into place and are generally used for mountain biking, but they can also be used on a road bike if the cyclist prefers. They are simple and easy to use, and they provide a good amount of grip and stability. However, they can be difficult to keep your feet on during technical sections or when riding over rough terrain.

Flat pedal for road bike

Advantages of Flat Pedals

  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners or riders who don’t want to deal with the hassle of clipping in and out
  • Provides more stability and control for aggressive riding or downhill cycling
  • Less expensive than other types of pedals and a great option if you’re on a budget

Disadvantages of Flat Pedals

  • Your feet can slip off the pedal during hard pedaling, which can lead to lost power and efficiency
  • Your shoes may wear down faster because there’s no clip holding them in place

Top-Rated Flat Pedals for Road Cyclists in Detail

Shimano M828 Flat Pedal

SHIMANO PD-M828 Pedals - Black Check availability

The Shimano M828 is a popular choice for road cyclists who prefer flat pedals. This pedal has a wide, textured platform that provides good grip and stability when cycling. The M828 also features an adjustable pin system that allows you to tailor the amount of traction and grip you need. This is a great pedal for experienced cyclists who want to have more customizable features or who are very particular about the way the pin system works.

OneUp Components Aluminum Pedals

OneUp Components Aluminum Pedal (Black) Check availability

OneUp Components is a Canadian company that makes high-quality mountain bike pedals, parts, and accessories. They offer a wide range of products, from handlebars to grips to seat posts.

The brand’s aluminum pedals are another great option for road cyclists who want to use flat pedals instead of clipless. These pedals are made from an ultra-lightweight aluminum material and feature a large, grippy platform. They also have 10 replaceable steel pins per side, so you can customize the level of traction to suit your riding style.

MZYRH Flat Pedals

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16 Check availability

MZYRH is a Chinese company that manufactures bicycle parts and accessories. The company has been in business for several years and its products are well known for their quality and durability in the road cycling community.

The MZYRH Flat Pedals are a good choice for road cyclists who want flat pedals with a bit more style. These pedals have a sleek, minimalist design and are made from durable aluminum alloy. They also have anti-skid pins for maximum traction in all road conditions and are available in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect look for your bike.

Venzo Dual Function Clipless Pedals

Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-Use Compatible with Shimano SPD Mountain Bike Bicycle Sealed Clipless Pedals - Dual Platform Multi-Purpose - Great for Touring, Road, Trekking Bikes Check availability

Venzo is a Taiwanese company that produces many different cycling products, including road bike pedals. They are one of the leading pedal manufacturers in the world, and many professional cyclists choose to use this brand for both practice and competition. Venzo is constantly innovating and improving its products to fit the changing needs of cyclists.

The Venzo Dual Function Clipless Pedals are a great option for road cyclists who want the the versatility of both clipless and flat pedals in one product. These pedals have a large, textured platform on one side and SPD cleats on the other side, so you can use them with either type of shoe.

What to Look for When Shopping for Flat Road Bike Pedals

When shopping for flat road bike pedals, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Pedal Materials

First, consider the materials the pedal is made from. As we mentioned earlier, aluminum is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and durable. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more money, composite pedals can offer even better performance.

When selecting a flat pedal for your road bike, there are different materials you can choose from:

Aluminum Pedal

Aluminum is an inexpensive and lightweight pedal material that is found in a wide variety of bicycle parts, particularly pedals. It has good traction and grip, and they have relatively good longevity and withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. Many cyclists prefer aluminum pedals for riding in the rain or in otherwise wet conditions, since composite can be slippery when it gets wet.

As mentioned above, the MZYRH Flat Pedals are made from durable aluminum alloy:

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9/16

Composite Pedal

For those looking for a bit more durability than an aluminum pedal can offer, composite pedals are a great option. These pedals are typically made from a combination of carbon fiber and composite nylon, which makes them both stronger and lighter pedals than other types of road cycle pedals.

However, one downside to composite pedals is that they can be more expensive than their aluminum counterparts, but they do last much longer and don’t rust or become damaged as easily.

Flat platform pedals for road bikes

Platform Pedals

Road bike platform pedals are a type of road bike pedal that don’t have any fancy features—they’re just a flat surface that you can rest your foot on while you ride. This makes them very easy to use, but they don’t offer much in the way of traction or support. If you’re looking for a road bike pedal that is simple to use and doesn’t offer much in the way of traction or support, then road bike platform pedals may be a good option for you.

Size of the Pedal Platform

Another thing to consider is the size of the pedal platform. Some pedals have very small platforms, while others are quite large. It’s up to you to decide what pedal size works best for you—just keep in mind that a larger platform size can offer better stability and traction.

Cyclist using flat pedals for road bike

Type of Road Bike You Have

The type of bike you have can also influence which type of pedal is best for you. If you have a road bike with racing tires, then toeclips and straps or clipless pedals may be a better option since they will help you pedal faster and with more power. However, if you have a road bike with wider tires that is more suitable for leisurely rides, then platform pedals may be a better option since they provide good traction and stability.

Pedal Design

Finally, take a look at the design of the pedal itself. Some pedals are slightly concave to cup your foot, while others are completely flat. We recommend trying out a few different types before making your final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Flat Road Bike Pedals

What Kind of Cycling Shoes Do I Need for Flat Pedals?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some cyclists prefer to use dedicated flat pedal shoes, while others find that regular sneakers work just fine. It comes down to what you feel most comfortable riding in.

Cyclist using flat pedal shoes on bike

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing footwear for flat pedals:

  • Choose pedals with a good grip so your feet don’t slip off the pedals. This can be especially important if you’re riding in wet or muddy conditions.
  • Consider the amount of padding and support you need. If you’ll be doing a lot of pedaling, you may prefer a shoe type with more support to prevent discomfort and fatigue.
  • Think about the style of bike shoe that best matches your bike and riding style. If you’re looking for a more casual look, sneakers might be fine. But if you want something extra comfortable or that’s more performance-oriented, dedicated flat pedal shoes are worth considering.

What Are Toe Clips and Straps?

Toe clips, straps, and pedal cages are a bit outdated and generally only used by cyclists seeking a retro vibe. Toe clips attach to the front of the pedal and help keep your foot in place while pedaling. Straps thread through the toe clip and around your foot, holding your foot on the pedal. Toe clips may help prevent your feet from slipping off the pedals, but they take some practice to get used to. They can also be difficult to find if you need to replace them.

How Do Clipless Pedals Compare to Flat Road Bike Pedals?

Flat pedals are good for beginners because they are easy to use and provide a stable platform for your feet. However, they are not as efficient as clipless pedals because they require more effort to push down on.

Clipless pedals have a small metal or plastic cleat that attaches to the bottom of your shoe, and the cleat clicks into place on the pedal when you step down on it. This gives you a very secure connection between your shoe and the bike, which can improve pedaling efficiency and help prevent injuries in case of a fall.

The Venzo Dual Function Clipless Pedals are great for riders who want to try out clipless pedals for the first time, since you can also use them with casual shoes:

Venzo Dual Function Platform Multi-Use Compatible with Shimano SPD Mountain Bike Bicycle Sealed Clipless Pedals - Dual Platform Multi-Purpose - Great for Touring, Road, Trekking Bikes

Clipless pedals usually come standard on a road cycle, but this can be intimidating for cyclists that have never used them before. If you’re a beginner, you may want to switch to flat pedals while you’re learning.

Advantages of Clipless Pedals on Road Bikes

  • Clipless pedals offer better power transfer than flat pedals, so you can ride faster and longer with less effort.
  • They also offer more control over your bike, so you can ride with confidence in all conditions.
  • They also keep your feet securely in place on the pedal, which provides more stability when riding.
  • Clipless pedals are available in a variety of designs to suit different riding styles, so you can find a pair that’s perfect for you.

Disadvantages of Clipless Pedals

  • Clipless pedals can be difficult to use at first, and it takes some practice to get used to clipping in and out.
  • You’ll need to purchase a special shoe sole that is compatible with clipless pedals.
  • They are more expensive than flat pedals, so they may not be the best option if you’re on a budget.

Cyclist using flat pedals for road bike

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Bike Pedals?

Many cyclists customize their road bikes by upgrading their pedals for both comfort and performance. This is especially true for competitive cyclists who are always looking for an edge over the competition. Many road cyclists prefer the freedom of movement that flat pedals allow them and don’t want to be locked into their pedals during the ride.

Exactly which pedals are right for you depends on a wide variety of factors. Talking to a professional at a bike shop about which pedals would be best for you and your bike is a great start, but ultimately, you won’t know until you try them.

The best way to figure out if a pedal will work for your needs or personal preference is to take it for a test ride. Be sure to traverse the areas you normally do to assess the pedals’ performance in a wide variety of potential situations. Then you’ll have a better idea if a particular type of pedal will suit your riding style.