Best MTB Bar Ends for Mountain Bikes

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Bar ends are a good way to extend your handlebar. They give you more hand position options when cycling and make it much easier to go uphill.

Another benefit of installing bar ends on your mountain bike is the improved aerodynamics. When you hold on to your bar ends on flat trails, they essentially help you pull your weight off the saddle and pedal faster.

Cyclist riding on mountain who could benefit from the best bar ends for mountain bikes

Best MTB Bar Ends for Mountain Bikes

Our choice for the best bar ends for mountain bikes are the Ergon GP5 Ergonomic Handlebar Grips. These have a unique ergonomic design, and they help to reduce hand pain and numbness. The GP5 bar end is made from a reinforced composite with rubber inserts and can be easily adjusted for a customized fit.

Why Use Bar Ends on a Mountain Bike?

Bar ends serve many purposes. While some people think they are just for aesthetics, that’s not the case at all. Believe it or not, bike bar ends can greatly improve your riding experience. One of the most significant benefits of bar ends is that they give you more hand positions to choose from.

Here are a few reasons to get a pair of bar ends:

Extra Hand Position Options

If you are a serious biker, you have probably had sores and numb wrists from riding long distances with flat handlebars. This is because of poor handlebar grip and the pressure that you apply on the handlebars as you are riding. With bar ends, you can change positions and hold your bike in a way that doesn’t affect your hands negatively.

Improved Cycling Power

Bar ends give you extra leverage and power. As you may already know, cycling upslope can be difficult and tiresome. Bar ends enable you to tilt your body forward, and this shifts your weight from the saddle to your feet. This type of position helps you exert more pressure on the pedals, giving you a mechanical advantage and thus helping you reach higher speeds.

Protection Against Hand Injuries

Improper positioning and bad riding posture can cause hand injuries. Bar ends help to improve your riding posture and wrist positioning. They also help you maintain a neutral back posture. These improvements greatly reduce the risk of numb wrists, wrist pain, twitching palms, and nerve damage.

Better Bike Control at High Speeds

Mountain biking can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions, so it’s very important that you have good control over your bike. Another benefit of using bar ends is the way they improve your bike’s aerodynamics. With these babies on, you can obtain more speed and have nearly complete control of your bike. This is because with bar ends, you can easily lift your weight from the saddle and pedal faster.

How To Choose the Best Bar Ends for Your Mountain Bike

Bar ends are a good investment for bikers who desire extra comfort on the trail. To get the best bang for your buck, you need to consider your style of riding and how often you hit the trail.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best bars ends for your budget:

Choose From a Reputable Brand

It’s easier to shop for mountain bike accessories when you’re familiar with the best brands. We’ll be highlighting some of these brands in the next section of this article. There are plenty of bar-end brands to choose from, but keep in mind that there are brands for the experienced biker and some for novices.

Bar End Design

One of the features you need to look out for when it comes to bar end design is the curving. You can get a slightly curved bar end, straight ones, or a pair with extreme curving. Bar ends can be twisted to face any direction, so even a slightly curved one will still give you a variety of hand positions.


Price is determined by several factors, including the manufacturer, brand, quality, and intended user. Modern mountain biking is a strenuous activity, so you should avoid cheap bar ends that may break shortly after installation.


Mountain bike bar ends are made using a variety of materials. The most popular materials are aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and stainless steel. You can also get some that are made using brass alloy. Material is an important factor because it determines durability. Weak materials are usually cheap, but they won’t last long.

Best MTB Bar Ends To Choose From

Ergon GP5 Ergonomic Handlebar Grips

Users of these bar ends often say they look like animal horns. The GP5 bar ends are quite comfortable. They feature long extended bars for a solid grasp while riding. The extended bar ends also provide up to three additional hand positions.

The GP5 bar ends are quite easy to set up. They make long-distance riding much easier, since you’ll be more relaxed with less pressure on your wrists.

BONMIXC Ergonomic Shock Absorption Mountain Bike Grips

If you’re a beginner looking for high-end bar ends, these are a perfect pick. BONMIXC Ergonomic Shock Absorption Mountain Bike Grips offer supreme shock absorption. They’re easy to install and offer a lot of hand position options, since you can change the angle of the bar ends.

If you’re already having issues with your hands, these bar ends will provide the support you need and help with bike vibrations. They have a wider design at the ends, and this helps to take the strain away from your wrists. What sets these apart from most brands is that they feature a slight pressure point right at the base of your fingers.

Ergon GP3 Bar Ends

This brand manufactures exclusive bar ends that offer maximum comfort. These bar ends are well known for reducing the amount of pressure applied to joints. This reduces the risk of hand numbness and joint pain, especially in individuals suffering from arthritis.

Ergon GP3 Bar Ends give you a lot of hand position options, and this makes riding a mountain bike a pleasurable experience. They are also quite easy to install, and they are some of the most durable bar ends out there.

Ritchey Comp Bar Ends

If you’re thinking of adding a bit of versatility to your handlebar setup, these are the bar ends to go for. They give you better leverage on steep climbs, and they offer a good deal of hand position options. If you go on long rides and want to reduce fatigue, you’ll need to change the position of your hands often.

Ritchey Comp Bar Ends are designed for maximum performance and control. They’re very durable, so you can expect to keep them for a while. One thing you’ll appreciate is the superb bead-blasted finish that adds to the rock-solid design. These are some of the best bar ends for mountain bikes.

How Popular Are MTB Bar Ends?

Bar ends have a rather interesting history. They have fallen out of popularity in the cycling community several times, but they’ve managed to make a comeback in the mountain bike world.

Some riders believe that bar ends will be made obsolete by different bike handle designs, but since their position can be adjusted and they are removable, they’re really a no-brainer. Most mountain bikers also want them because of the versatility they offer. Any serious biker knows how useful bar ends can be, and unless you want to come back home with numb hands and sore palms, you should definitely get a pair.

The popularity of bar ends nowadays can also be attributed to their non-cycling functions. For instance, if you want to take off and replace your bike tires, you can easily flip your bicycle and let it rest on the ends without damaging the speedometer and other components.