About Pedal Street

Do you remember the greatest thing about getting a bike as a kid?

It expanded your boundaries.

You didn’t have to walk to your friend’s house any more. That meant you could visit friends who lived further away. And together, you could explore areas you just couldn’t get to on foot.

Truth is, once you get on that bike you never stop expanding your boundaries. That’s why I started Pedal Street—for cyclists young and old who are always expanding their boundaries.

For me, it went from travelling between friends’ houses to getting myself to school and back before I could afford a car. Then, as an adult, I was finding it hard to squeeze exercise into my busy days. I figured if I had to get myself to work anyway, why not do it by bike?

Bike commuting was a new world. It meant riding downtown. Riding in the rain. Riding every day. There was lots to learn, and quite a lot to buy as well. But riding both ways to work saved me the trouble of having to suit up for a jog or spend an hour at the gym. Mission accomplished.

One year about a decade ago I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to get out of the city, ride some scenic roads, and really cover some miles. So I started to dabble in road cycling. That was another new world.

My point is that as a cyclist, you never really stop thinking about the next thing. For you, maybe it’s mountain biking, or bicycle touring, or even bikepacking. Sooner or later, you’re going to want to try it.

Pedal Street is here to help you learn more about everything in cycling you haven’t yet tried. We cover cycling gear, cycling safety, cycling fitness, bike maintenance and much more. We make a point of covering everything for the everyday commuter cyclist, but we’re well aware that you bike commuters will soon be expanding your boundaries.

Don’t worry, we’ll be expanding ours as well.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, my inbox is always open.

— Erik Rolfsen, Editor