14 Easy Ways on How To Store a Bike in Small Apartments

If you live in a small dwelling, like an apartment or studio, storing your bike gear may be challenging. Where do you keep your bike so it is both safe and out of the way? With limited space, you may need to get creative to make room for your bike and cycling gear. Always talk to your landlord and gain permission before storing your bike in community spaces that could impact others living there.

So what is the best bike storage solution in a small apartment? To store a bike in a small apartment with limited space, you can invest in a wall-mounted rack, bike mount, or even a simple hook to lift and store your bike up and out of the way, which also helps to preserve floor space. If this is not viable, you can make your bike the focal point of the living space, transforming it into a conversation item or piece of art.

Man carrying bike into apartment building after learning how to store a bike in an apartment

Here are some bike storage solutions for apartment dwellers to consider:

From the Ceiling

Try suspending your bike from the ceiling! It’s easier than you think to install and utilize a simple hook or pulley system that makes your racing or mountain bike easily accessible. You can even hang your bike by its wheel, if necessary. A pulley is an excellent way to lower the bike mount and bring it within reach, as desired. Even if you are storing your bike frame or a spare bike wheel, unused space near your ceiling has great potential.

Bike hanging from ceiling after owner learned how to store a bike in an apartment

On a Wall

Do you have decent wall space in your apartment? If you have at least one good interior wall, consider bike rack options, such as a wall-mounted rack, that will hold your bike so that you save floor space. You could invest in a bike mount or vertical bike racks that are narrower and that optimize the space overhead. Check out the selection at your favorite cycling retail venue or website.

On Its Side

Do you have a bike stand? If not, you need one, especially if you live in an apartment or small home. A bike stand is basically a type of fixture that holds the bike upright, on end, to conserve the space that the bike consumes. By using a bike stand, you create a 3-foot berth and clearing around the bike. The bike is typically secured to the stand with braces or straps. A bike stand can free up more floor space in your home.

With Other Bikes

Bikes stored outside an apartment building after owners learned how to store a bike in an apartment

Does your apartment building have a communal bike rack in or near the building? Before you worry about where to store your bike, ask the landlord or site manager about community bike racks to use and whether or not they’re secure enough to ensure that no theft or damage occurs.

Under the Bed

In smaller living situations, you might be able to fit your bike underneath your bed or perhaps behind your furniture, out of sight. Some road bikes may not fit under your distinct bed, but your bed should accommodate parts and gear, at the very least.

On a Balcony

Do you have access to a balcony or porch that you can store your bike on? Outdoor space is typically perfect for bikes, and these spots are usually under cover, secure, and close by. Before you begin keeping your bike on the building’s balcony, porch or other outside space, make sure that it’s not in violation of your lease or the building rules.

In Your Car

The best place to store your bike may be in your vehicle, if you have one. This is often the case if you frequently transport your bike to trails or other locales to ride. If you have room, keep the bike in your car!

Down the Hall

If you live in an apartment, you may find that there is some space in or around the laundry area, foyer, or hallway where you can store your bike. Maybe there’s a big sofa in the hall that you can tuck your bike behind, or perhaps you can park the bike along the wall of the hallway outside your apartment door. Naturally, this is at your landlord’s discretion.

Bike parked in the hallway after owner learned how to store a bike in an apartment
If there’s a railing or balcony available in your building where you can store your bike, be sure to use a bike lock to secure the bike.

On a Hook

A simple hook is an inexpensive fixture that can give you a lot of bike storage options. Depending on the configuration of your home, you could use the hook to hang your bike in a closet or outside a door. The possibilities are endless, so be creative to save space.

In Your Bag

A foldable bike is another solution that will easily fit in your bag, backpack, or under your arm. These are unique ways to save space and contribute to a simpler way of life. Check out the various types of foldable bikes available online!

Under Some Stairs

If there’s any space under the stairs that’s not being utilized, it could be the perfect place for a bike dock. Bike docks are easy to install and can provide you with a custom nook that fits your bike and gear together nicely.

In the Tub

What about the bathroom? If you lack living space, tuck the bike in the tub or shower when it is not in use. If you use the bike regularly, this should be no problem. But if you go days at a time without using the bike, you may want to choose a more convenient and long-term solution.

Out in the Open

Why not keep the bike out in the open? Show off your love of cycling by making your bike the focal point of the room!

Get creative. Try hanging the bike on a wall to be displayed as a three-dimensional piece of art. It can be a real conversation piece, and easy to access as needed.

In a Storage Unit

Another bike storage idea is to keep your bike at an actual storage facility. It will cost money to rent storage space for your bike, but your bike will be secure and protected. If you don’t want to rent space from a storage facility, you can invest in other options to keep your bike safe outside, including storage sheds, metal lockers, canopies, awnings, and a high-quality weather-resistant bike cover.

If you need to store your bike in a small apartment or dwelling, try these tips to carve out and create storage space where it may be lacking. These ideas can help you preserve living space and make room for your bikes and biking gear!