beach cruiser on a boardwalk near the beach

Cruiser vs Hybrid Bike: How Do You Decide?

Cruiser bikes and hybrid bikes are more laid back than bikes built for long roads and mountain descents, but they aren’t the same. We explain the differences.

Cyclist holding his knee

How to Strengthen Your Knees While Cycling

Cycling with proper form can strengthen the muscles around your knees, but if you experience knee pain while cycling and choose to ignore it, that can lead to injury and long-term damage.

Bike standing up right on its kickstand on a beautiful country bike path

11 Best Kickstands for Keeping Your Bike Upright

Kickstands are ideal for loading and unloading your bike, for when you want to stop and capture a photo or video, and for when you need your bike stable enough for small repairs on the fly.

Woman packing up her folding bike in a train station

How to Maintain Your Folding Bike

Proper maintenance is a big part of preserving the life of your bicycle. Fortunately, folding bike maintenance isn’t too different from regular bike maintenance.

Bicycle pump attachment in place on a tire valve

A Guide to Each Type of Bicycle Pump

If you need to buy a bike pump, or if you’re just unsure whether the one you have is the right type, we’ll run through them all so you know your options.